EZ Block

EZ Block Bromadiolone All Weather Bait Block is specially formulated to effectively kill rats, mice and meadow voles, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats. Manufactured using food-grade wheat flour, chopped wheat, milk proteins, oats, and edible waxes, it is combined with Bromadiolone as its active ingredient to produce a powerful, yet highly palatable bait block. This all-weather block has excellent heat, mold and moisture resistance, offering great performance on both dry and wet conditions. It features a unique vanilla scent with more sugar compared to an average block which attracts rats and mice easily for a more efficient control. It also has a bittering agent to keep children from consuming it. Recommended for use in homes, residences, food processing facilities, industrial and commercial buildings, trash receptacles, transport vehicles, docks, port of terminal, and more. Each bait block weighs 1 oz. with a hole in the middle which can be secured vertically or horizontally on all VM Product bait stations.


  • Bait block cooled after casting/compressing for harder surfaces
  • Easy to secure, hole in center of block
  • Palatable to rats and mice (rodents)
  • Bait block requires no further mixing prior to use


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