501-502-180, 501-502-180, 501-504-080

Compression Sprayer

Airofog USA uses nothing but the highest quality material in their products. Stainless steel grade AISI 304 is a higher quality steel than AISI 303 used by competitors.

With a much less failure rate, less pitting, withstand 2-3 X pressure stress. With proper hose fittings and hose adapter, you won’t have to pull out the Teflon tape. True Brass and stainless steel wand and all metal parts.

All parts in contact with liquid are chemical resistant materials such as VitonTM, TeflonTM, high grade stainless steel brass, and other engineered materials.

A cable-operated DRIP-FREE nozzle shut off actuated by the trigger valve provides a maximum operator safety environmental safety. The trigger valve can also be simply locked on or off for added safety.


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