Voles vs. Moles

What's The Difference?

There are many physical features that can be used to differentiate between a vole and a mole. What we want to focus on today is the difference in behaviors and how that impacts your fall/winter IPM program.


A mole tunnels underground, damaging the yard by lifting the soil upwards leaving large mounds of dirt in their wake. Moles can remain active all winter long. They don't hibernate, however, as the soil freezes, moles stop making surface tunnels and dig deeper into the ground. In the middle of winter, they become less of a nuisance because they will be buried deep below the frost line eating bugs rather than digging up your grass and snacking on your plants.


Voles do not hibernate and will also remain active all winter. The big difference in behavior here, is that they tunnel under the snow pack in winter, but still remain above ground. These path ways create issues that often go unnoticed until the snow begins to melt.

As Voles continue to procreate at the speed of rodents and move about under the cover of a winter blanket they can also spread dangerous diseases when their urine and feces introduces bacteria and parasites to your home or property. They are an especial threat to residential gardens, yards, saplings, and lawns, not to mention grain crops and fruit trees. Again, with snow covering their tracks damage to yard, crops and root systems can go unnoticed for months.

The best way to prevent vole damage over the winter is to act before the frost.


  1. Prevent vole tunneling; Remove deep mulch, thick weeds & grasses, and heavy leaf covers during the fall.  
  2. Clear snow from around the trees’ trunks, or install a wire mesh cylinder around the trunk
  3. Use a Vole repellent around your property before winter frost. EPIC Vole Scram is a new and unique natural repellent that drives out voles from your garden and lawn. Unlike other repellents, it works by taste AND smell. It is easily applied and contains ALL organic ingredients. It won’t harm people or animals and won’t wash away with rain.

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