5 Fall Pests To Look Out For

5 Fall Pests To Look Out For

Cockroaches & Spiders:
These two are the most common fall pests, primarily because neither are equipped to survive the colder temperatures. Fall is when we see them start to migrate indoors in search of shelter, warmth, and for spiders, food.
What To Know:
Cockroaches are known to hide near pipes and drains & can spread disease and exacerbate asthma.
Spiders also breed in the fall so activity will increase as males go in search of mates.

Rodents & Fleas:
Rodents and the fleas they carry are also common fall pests. Rodents will migrate indoors as the weather cools in search of warmth, shelter, food, and water. With rodents, come fleas. Fleas thrive in warmer weather, so as you warm our homes the indoor flea population flourishes.
What To Know:
Rodents not only spread disease but will also chew through wood supports and electrical wires in your home.
Fleas will hitchhike into your home on both your pets and any other wildlife that come into your home in the fall where they can spread Lyme disease, Powassan virus, and others.

Pee-yew! Unfortunately, in a similar search for warmth and winter supplies, Stinkbugs become an issue in the fall as well.
What To Know:
When they feel threatened these critters emit an extremely foul odor. Along with the stench, Stinkbugs are also considered a serious threat to agriculture, causing damage to crops.

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